Vivo IPL 9 Cricket Game 2019-2020 Free Download

Vivo Ipl 9 T20 Game is one of the most well-known leagues in Cricket World that's held each year in Indian summers. With cricket being a super popular sport particularly in India this league is exactly what fans wait for the entire year & need to see more aggressive games and also some have the desire to play similar tournaments and games. Agree with that? Great!

IPL 9 Cricket Game 2019-2020 Overview:

Vivo Ipl 9 T20 Game 2019-2020 [Free Download]
Vivo IPL 9 T20 Game
So those who have been searching for an Ipl cricket match for android will certainly be disappointed by the above line. But wait, don't leave as you'll love the game features & you will get some thought (in my terms, you are going to perform jugged to perform this awesome IPL sport ). We request you to remain until the end of this post to learn more about the Vivo IPL game.

This game has plenty of new features (listed below) making it a perfect IPL match for PC players to relish the IPL League 2020 Game variant. (IPL matches 2020 variant was about to release but since the IPL 2020 is delayed, so does the IPL 2020 edition)It is definitely a modded version but still one can secure the very best experience within this Vivo IPL cricket match 2019.

So, basically, it's

  • A Modded Model
  • Accessible for PC
  • Made with all the up to date & accurate information
  • Now, Let's understand the IPL Game Requirements and it's core developers...

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Vivo IPL 9 2019-2020 Game Prerequisites

System Prerequisites of Vivo IPL 2019-2020 Game:

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • Architecture: x64, x86
  • DirectX: DirectX12 API
  • Memory: 512 MB
  • Video Memory: 1 GB
  • Critical Requirements of IPL 2019-2020 Game
  • Original Cricket 07 game
  • Game Controller
  • IPL Mod and IPL Roster File
  • Other Imp files i.e Adds on (Jukebox & Batpack)

What's Batpack?

Batpack is simply the Bat documents for this particular Vivo IPL 2019 cricket match which includes the latest bats for pro players.Bat files come in .fsh file format that you need to set up in the game. The fantastic thing is that you may assign any bats to any players signifies you are in control of the game.

What's Jukebox?

Jukebox is essentially a record that includes sounds, music, plays & effects that music/songs in the game while you're enjoying the game. It's possible to listen to & enjoy various pre-installed music.
Fascinating fact: It has some functions where the audio is played right after you hit on a boundary. So every time a jukebox installed, you'll feel it like actual IPL.

Notice: Batpack is a necessary file for the sport but Jukebox is optional!

We have mentioned several times that this IPL 2019 match list comes with a lot of features, so it's now time to be aware of the game features that you'll get after downloading & installing this sport. Take a note that we also have provided a guide about how best to download and how to install this game. So think about reading
  • IPL 2019 Complete Tournament provided with Latest Team Logos
  • Accurately designed IPL Kits for many IPL 8 Teams
  • Genuine Fixture of IPL 2019 Tournament + New Camera Angles + New Player Bats
  • New IPL Stadiums supplied such as Wankhede, Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, etc combined with exceptionally detailed Graphics + IPL 2019 Sponsors, Sidescreen's, along with IPL Boundary cushions, etc..
  • New Player Faces [100+ new player faces of 2019 version] + New Umpire Faces and Umpire"Paytm" Kits provided
  • New IPL 2019 Jukebox + Batpack + Gameplay mods all supplied
  • New HD Overlay Graphics i.e Scorecard & additional sports graphics (Much like IPL images ) provided
  • Perfect 20-20 format combined with Powerplay + Custom Outfield settings alternatives
  • Picture-in-picture + Batsmen, Bowler Confidence Meter + Different Weather Conditions + Distinct Crowd and a Lot More added features supplied

The Way To Download Vivo IPL 9 Cricket Game 2019-2020

To begin with, read the complete guide and then navigate to the download section where you'll get the real download hyperlinks from Vivo IPL 2019-2020 Cricket Game. Once you reach there, click on the very first link/button to visit the download page of IPL19.

Notice: it is a MediaFire link only but it's cloaked with Bitly URL shortener, simply to monitor the performance of the links. No spamming!

To begin with, you'll land on our download page where you are going to get all links to this game. When you are going to click on this, you are going to land on MediaFire Download Page that has little info about the File, you can obviously see the name A2 Studios Vivo IPL Slogfest Patch (Mod) on the left side of this download button.
  • Anyways, the Download size of IPL Mod is 269 MB (Not a problem, we all have high-speed JIO/Airtel Internet )
  • Just click the Download Button plus it'll get downloaded within seconds. (Depends on your Internet rate )
  • That's it. Follow the same to download the other documents.
Now, let's go to the installation of the game.

How To Install Vivo IPL 9 Cricket Game 2019-2020?

Because you can see the installation of this IPL game is quite easy. Just follow the above step by step guide. But if you find these measures difficult or less informative then here's an alternate. We discovered a video on station RK Studios that reveals you How to Install Vivo IPL Cricket Game on your PC. You can search for it on Youtube, but to make matters easier, we've embedded that man's video. So see the movie & if you need more help, just comment your query & we will try to help

Here is the Reason...

Other Cricket Games possess an IPL Section or rather say IPL Features inside that enables you to perform IPL tournaments, Right? But overall it is not that true, some have outdated participant faces while some have obsolete stadiums. This IPL sport is a real gem because this game is specially designed for many IPL Cricket sports fans, irrespective of the system specs.


This game operates in low-end pc in addition to high-end pc. (Check system requirements over )
Additionally, this game doesn't require additional game controls (from how you are able to use it to enhance your gaming experience), and also the best part of this game is it's absolutely free!

Some Important Detail About This Game.
Latest Version
Vivo IPL 9 T20 Game 2019-2020 [Free Download]
Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2012 & Android Mobiles
File Size
 1.7 GB
New Update
11 June 2020.
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Download & Install Vivo Ipl 9 T20

                                                                                          BY: Zahid Awais

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