Description of Microsoft Intune:

Microsoft Intune 2020 is a Microsoft cloud-based totally management answer that offers for mobile device and running machine management. It pursuits to offer unified end-point management of both corporate and BYOD devices to shield company statistics. Microsoft Intune Free Download is a cloud-based totally service targeted at mobile tool control (MDM) and mobile utility control (MAM). You manipulate how your organization's devices, inclusive of cell phones, pills, and laptops, are used.

Microsoft Intune Free Download For Android-BrandSoftTech
Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune Download Free:

You can additionally create specific guidelines to govern applications. For instance, you may prevent humans from sending emails to human beings out of doors to your enterprise. Anthony also permits human beings for your agency to apply their non-public devices for college or work. On private devices, Anton facilitates to make certain that your enterprise's statistics is secure and that it may separate business enterprise facts from non-public data.

Microsoft Intune Portal:

Intune Portal is part of Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) suite. Rationale controls who've to get entry to and purpose integrates with the Azure ad directory (Azure advert) to govern what they could get admission to. It also integrates with Az Azure records protection for statistics safety. It may be used with Microsoft 365 Suite merchandise. For example, you can set up Microsoft groups, OneNote, and different Microsoft 365 apps on gadgets. This feature allows humans in your agency to be powerful on all of those devices, whilst keeping your agency's data safe with its regulations.

Image by using Anthony architecture:

With Anthony, you may:

Choose to grow to be 100 clouds with Antonio, or co-manage with the configuration supervisor and Antony. Set guidelines and settings for getting access to facts and networks on non-public and organizationally owned devices.

Microsoft Intune Free Download For Android-BrandSoftTech
Microsoft Intune


  • Install and affirm packages on-premise and cellular.
  • Shield your employer's facts through controlling how customers access and share statistics.
  • Make certain gadgets and apps meet your protection necessities.
  • Manage gadgets

Microsoft Intune Company Portal:

At Microsoft Intune, you manipulate devices with the usage of an angle that is proper for you. For organizational proprietary devices, you need full manipulate over the gadgets, which includes settings, features, and protection. On this technique, the devices and users of those gadgets "register" in Anton. Once enrolled, they get your policies and settings through the regulations set out in Anton. As an example, you can set passwords and PIN necessities, create VPN connections, configure chance safety, and extra.

Microsoft Intune Office 365:

Customers of personal devices, or your own gadgets (BYOD), do no longer want users to have complete manage over their organization's administrators. In this approach, deliver users options. For example, customers check in their gadgets in the event that they need to complete get entry to your employer's assets. Or, if those customers best need to get admission to e-mail or Microsoft groups, then use app protection guidelines that require Multi-factor Certification (MFA) to use those apps.

Whilst registering and managing devices in Anton, directors can:

  • View registered devices, and get an inventory of gadgets gaining access to the organization's assets.
  • Build gadgets that meet your protection and health requirements. For example, you could want to block jailbroken gadgets.
  • Push certificates to gadgets so customers can effortlessly access your wireless network, or use a VPN to connect to your network.
  • View reviews on users and devices which might be synced, and not compliant.
  • If a tool is lost, stolen, or unused, eliminate the organization's records.

Microsoft Intune Free Download For Android-BrandSoftTech
Microsoft Intune

What is tool entry?

  • Practice capabilities and settings in your gadgets using tool profiles
  • Defend devices with Microsoft Anton

Try the interactive guide:

Manipulate devices with the  Microsoft Intune Download Free Interactive guide Microsoft Endpoint supervisor takes you thru the Admin middle to show you how to manipulate and cozy cellular and desktop applications. You may also download many other Apps, Software, and Games from Brand Soft Tech.

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Manipulate apps:

Anton's cell software control (MAM) is designed to defend organizational data at the software level, consisting of custom apps and save apps. App control can be used on organizational proprietary devices and private gadgets.

When apps are controlled in Anthony, directors can:

  • Upload and assign mobile apps to consumer groups and devices, including customers in particular companies, gadgets in unique corporations, and more.
  • Configure apps to get commenced or run with unique settings enabled, and pre-update apps on the tool.
  • See notifications for what apps are used, and track their utilization.
  • Wipe a diffusion by using actually removing organizational statistics from apps.
  • One way to provide protection to the Antonio cell app is through the app's security rules.
  • Use Azure AD identification to separate organizational data from personal data. Therefore, personal information is isolated from organizational IT awareness. Data obtained using organizational credentials provides additional security protection.

Microsoft Intune Free Download For Android-BrandSoftTech
Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune Features:

Help secure access to personal devices, such as copy and paste, save, and view by restricting user-led operations. Can be created and deployed on devices that are registered to Antony, registered to another MDM service, or not registered to any MDM service. On registered devices, the app's security policies may add an extra layer of protection.

Microsoft Intune VS SCCM:

For example, a user signs in to a device with their organizational credentials. Their organizational identity allows access to data that denies their personal identity. Because this organization uses data, the app's security policies control how data is stored and shared. When users sign in with their personal identities, the same reservations do not apply. As such, IT has control over organizational data, while end-users maintain control and privacy over their personal data.

Microsoft Intune Device:

And, you can use  Microsoft Intune For Android with other services in EMS. Beyond the operating system and what is included in any app, this feature provides your organization with mobile app security. Apps managed by EMS have access to a wider set of mobile app and data protection features. The image that shows the level of app management data security

Compliance and conditional access:

Integration integrates with Azure AD to enable a wide range of access control scenarios. For example, before accessing network resources, such as email or SharePoint, mobile devices must meet the organizational standards described in Anton. Similarly, you can lock down services so that they are only available on a specific set of mobile apps. For example, you can lock down Exchange Online so that it can only be accessed through Outlook or Outlook Mobile.

Online Resources:

  • Set rules on devices to allow access to your organizational resources
  • Common ways to use conditional access with Intent

Microsoft Intune Free Download For Android-BrandSoftTech
Microsoft Intune

How to get Antonio?

  • Anthony is available.
  • As a stand-alone service
  • Microsoft 365 and Microsoft 365 are included with the government
  • Mobile device management in Office 365, with some limited Antony features
  • Antivenin is used in many fields, including government, education, kiosk or device dedicated to manufacturing and retailing, and more.

Next Steps:

  • Read some of the common business problems that Anton helps solve.
  • Start with Anton's 30-day trial.
  • Plan your migration to Anthony.
Using your free trial or purchase, step on Quest Start: Create an Email Device Profile for iOS. Microsoft Intune PC is a cloud-based enterprise mobility management tool designed to help organizations manage the mobile devices used to access corporate data and applications such as email. 

Is Intune Going To Replace SCCM?

It is part of Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) offering, mobile device management, and application management platform. Microsoft's Anton app is designed to integrate with other parts of the EMS platform, including the Azure Active Directory and the Azure Information Protection Microsoft Anton's App Protection Policy component. Uses directory identification.

A free program for the iPhone:

The Microsoft Intune  Company portal is a free program for the iPhone that belongs to the business productivity category and is developed by Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Anton is a cloud-based service focused on Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM). Antony is integrated into Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) suite and enables users to be productive while keeping your organization's data safe. 

Intune VS Airwatch:

It integrates with other services, including Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to control who has access to and access to them, and Azure Information Protection for data protection. When you use it with Microsoft 365, you may be able to make your workforce more efficient on all of their devices, while protecting your organization's information.

How to download and install Windows Anton Update?

  • Check if your version of Windows is 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • In the table to the left, click the link that will work for your version of Windows.
  • Save the file to your desktop.
When the file download is finished, go to your desktop and double-click on the downloaded file (this will be called spam-wiX64.exe, spam-wi.exe or similar).
Follow the prompts to install the update.

Available languages:

This program is available in Greek, French, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Swedish, German, Korean, Italian, Danish, Polish, Czech, Finnish, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish

 Microsoft Intune Free Download:

Click on the "Download Button" and start the "Microsoft Intune" Free Download.

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Microsoft Intune Free Download For Android-BrandSoftTech


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